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My Ultra Interactive Online Portfolio.

Halloween Door 2017

Jackson School of International Studies websites

Athena Women’s Health

Halloween Door 2016

University of Washington Center for Human Rights

Space Needle News


Dymocks Booklovers’ Best Top 101

Dymocks Booklover Loyalty Program

KNOW Project Identity

Dymocks Booksellers Promotional Posters

Dymocks Literary Events

Dymocks Booksellers Website

Dymocks Stationery Back to School 2012

Wedding Invitation

Dymocks Group Branding & Business Cards

Beyer Gyre Branding & Business Card

IGA Coloring Book

Holland Bloemen Online Florist


About Jeremy D. Pritchard

I am a Seattle-based Designer with more than twelve years experience in visual communication and design. With skills in visual design, illustration, branding, marketing, user experience and web development I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate on challenging new projects.

Technical Proficiency

1st April 2013 By Jeremy

I am proficient in a wide range of software including Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and Microsoft Office and can quickly learn any proprietary software as needed.

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Education & Experience

1st April 2013 By Jeremy

I have been working as a designer since 2004 in the areas of education, healthcare, retail and marketing.

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1st April 2013 By Jeremy

My design philosophy is to equip my client with as much autonomy as possible without compromising the customer experience. When designing web sites, I focus on building intuitive back-ends with accessible and optimized front end experiences.

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